Saturday, August 6, 2016

Auto slalom race Slovakiaring 6. August 2016

Watch - Like - Share | Miroshi's Integra Type R DC2 #1920 at autocross event "Auto slalom race" held by Driving Academy Slovakiaring on 6th August 2016.
SLOVAKIARING autoslalom race 6.8.2016, 6.8.16.

The car is mostly stock with weight reduction (-70kg), motorsport brake pads CL Brakes RC6 and tires Toyo R1R 195/55/R15.

The best time 01:53.476s was achieved in final 3rd run. Unfortunately a knocked cone adds 2s penalty which cost me the 2nd place and in the end finished in 3rd place in S3 category (includes cars up to 2000cc N/A. Mild tuning and D.O.T competition tires allowed).
Overall place 12th.

Official results:
(Milos Polakovic - Integra Type R - starting number 71).

Category S3:


Integra Type R #1920 Project blog:

Shot with action cam Xiaomi Yi 1080p60, 35Mbit custom script, mounted on a custom built rig.
Sound recorded inside the cabin via external microphone Sony ECM-CS3  connected to modded jack connector on the Yi camera.