Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Brake bedding shooting

Some cool or rather hot footage from bedding the Ferodo DS2500 racing pads on Miroshi's Integra Type R DC2 #1920.

Shot with action cam Xiaomi Yi 1080p60, 35Mbit custom script, mounted on a custom build rig.
Sound recorded inside the cabin via external microphone Sony ECM-CS3  connected to modded jack connector on the Yi camera.

Some pics of the custom rig :)

Actually this generic procedure of repeated threshold braking from 60-10 mph until you fade the brakes is kinda unsuitable for the Ferodo DS2500. I inspected the pads afterwards and they were glazed over, which resulted in loss of the initial bite. I managed to deglaze them with 120 grit flat sanding and then just followed the manufacturer recommendation for bedding. And that's what you should do as well.

The bottom pad after sanding:

I'm not quite sure if the sanding is necessary. The pads would probably deglaze them self while driving normally. Anyway it helped to restore the initial bite.

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