Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Accident

On 3rd October, the unfortunate flow of events ended in an accident, 15 minutes later, right after the dyno session.
I really don't understand how this could've happend to me. I was just taking off, shifting into 2nd gear, doing 25 km/h max, no car in front of me, no car behind me, so I didn't pay much attention and looked down on my radio and then BANG!!
I just didn't take into account the cars parked alongside my driving lane!! A woman reversing her car didn't look if she can reverse safely or not, the result, a pretty pricy repair!!!
Fortunately I wasn't the guilty person, she agreed it was her fault, because I was driving on the main street, it was my right of way. We contacted her insurance company which, after a thorough damage evaluation, has paid 2,669 Eur for the repair.
The car was able to continue driving, although with a front face looking like a boxer after 10th round.
Well what can I say, the complete front end panels are shot, though it doesn't look that bad at a first sight, judging from the photos. Nonetheless the car needs following new parts:

1    PFKL2037755    FACE, FR. BUMPER    £345.94
5    PFKL768238    EXTENSION COMP., FR. BUMPER    £137.54
7    PFKL768398    STIFFENER, R. FR. BUMPER SIDE    £26.46
1    PFKL706239    HOOD COMP., ENGINE    £457.01  
2    PFKL706431    HINGE COMP., R. HOOD    £26.20  
3    PFKL706565    HINGE COMP., L. HOOD    £26.20  
1    PFKL494449    HEADLIGHT UNIT, R.    £351.94   
15  PFKL500363    BRACKET, R. FR. COMBINATION LIGHT    £27.58
12  PFKL500105    LAMP UNIT, R. TURN    £77.75
1    PFKL706821    PANEL, R. FR. FENDER    £272.89

+ 650 Eur paint job.

I decided to throw in some other parts, because the Honda dealer was running a campaign 20% off the base price, so additionally I've ordered the rear taillight and left front fender, for which I've paid myself.

Photos from the accident spot:


Photos of the front repair:


[Update 27th November 2014]
And the early Christmas presents have arrived at last, although I'm still waiting for the hood, which is scheduled to arrive in January 2015, damn it. But at least it's still available and because this is a seasonal car I won't start driving until the March 2015, so there's plenty of time to get everything done.

[Update 17th January 2015]
At last! I've received the new OEM hood yesterday, after 2 months of waiting. I wonder if they had to rig up the old molds and press the hood just for me because it took so long,...

[Update 23th August 2015]
I've been busy with the Hondash and the paint job had to wait until summer. But now everything is done, the car is running, strong and beautiful as before, although the paint job is not as perfect as I expected.

Repaired front end, last step was to put on the Honda emblem.

Here are random shots of my car I found on Facebook, shot at Honda relax meet event on 8th August.


  1. Sad news , more over when we known integra is rare. Good think your are not in fault , Keep the faith. Honda = Power of dreams.

    1. The repair is still not completed, probably won't be finished until the next driving season in March. The insurance company didn't have the car in their databases so I had to wait 3 weeks for the repair calculation. Because of that I've ordered the parts just a week ago, now I'm waiting.
      Nonetheless I was able to straighten up the damaged hood, fender and bumper a bit. Will keep driving for the rest of the season, until the first snow shows up.

  2. Why don't you use that accident to do a JDM conversion? Here in France a full JDM kit was sold 600€ last month... Good luck with your repairs, hope you'll done with that soon!

    1. I got used to the EUDM front end look, I thought about JDM front end a few times, but the only real reason why people find it nicer is because it looks more traditional than the EUDM/UDKM/USDM front end.
      There's not many cars on the road that have round headlights, they make the Integra look even more unique nowadays.

    2. You are right; I like the round headlights; With JDM front the Teg looks like an early 90's civic;
      Nothing wrong with that but it looks a bit mainstream and not as unique as the round headlights.

    3. I agree. Although the JDM front end conversion is very popular by Honda enthusiasts, I would say there's still 45% of them who would vote for the EUDM/UKDM look over the JDM look.

    4. And without the licence plate, the look is simply phenomenal

  3. I see you're a purist since your car is bone stock, I admire that, since mine is quite stock too (except a Fujitsubo legalis and a comptech air box) (it's around 69000km, I am the third owner). 430 ITRs were sold here.
    Those photos have been taken after the respray last month
    Hope to see soon your car back on the road!

    Cheers from France,

    Ps: I don't know if you have read our French community site about ITRs, there are serious documents here about the history of our cars. In France, the ITR was choosen as the best 98' sportscar by journalists of "Echappement" magazine, owned by Michel Hommel, and reviewed by... Sébastien Loeb:

    1. Wow that's pretty low millage, nice. Thanks for the pictures! I see you're keeping the stock look too.
      Anyway I've been purist up to this year, but now I have planned to do many mods regarding the performance, and suspension.
      Anyway the look will stay unchanged, only the car performance will change.
      I've seen many articles from the 1998 year about the ITR, but this one is new to me, also the steering wheel in the pictures, that's something I saw for the first time, although I knew the ITR was also sold without the SRS system I actually never seen a single ITR without SRS in the EU, except for the JDM 96 specs.
      Thanks for sharing it.

    2. Choose every parts carefully since ebay can turn your car to a rice burner. Keep the cat except for high range gains for tracks. Go for a SARD one. I've a Spoon header which is fine. It's silent until 5700 and VTEC engagement, I don't worry about cops since I race mainly on tracks.
      I am driving the grey Prelude 2.2 VTI at the time that video was made (there's some Tegs too):

      I'll make picture from the interior, I have AC and other thing.

  4. black matt still a good color ^^ but dont think will be nice with your white parts ;)

    1. Yeah, they still need a paint job to be done, but I'm still waiting for the hood, so the paint job will be probably not due sooner than in February.

  5. Good luck getting everything back together. Clean looking ITR you got there mate

    1. Thanks. The paint job is due in March. Can't wait to see it finished.