Wednesday, November 5, 2014

ITR#1920 Dyno after almost 200,000km

It's time for a dyno session!
With almost 200,000km (199,828km exactly) on the clock I decided to put the engine under the stress on a dynamometer MAHA LPS 3000. This dyno doesn't measure the wheel power as the other dynos, its measuring principles are focused on obtaining the exact flywheel numbers.
The first run ended just right after the engine switched to VTEC and caused an immediate wheel spin.
The second run, after spraying some substance on the wheels, went just fine.
The engine is for its age in a good shape. It still outputs 188Hp flywheel power, in unmodified, stock condition.
The measurement was done with fresh oil Motul 300V 10w40 and shell V Power Racing 100 octane fuel.
The results, summarized in a chart and video, are below.


  1. Hi, could you measure a compression in your Integra? I also have integration dc 2, I am very interested.

  2. Hi,
    I measured the compression when I purchased the car:
    7.5.2010 187747km
    1(14Bar) 2(14Bar) 3(14.5Bar) 4(14Bar)
    Though these are not precise values because I didn't use accurately calibrated instruments. I used these values just for cross checking the cylinders. Real compression values could be different.