Monday, September 1, 2014

EHPS conversion - TRW Gen II. pump

Why do it?
EHPS frees up to 3-5 Hp of engine power which is lost through the belt driving the mechanical pump, whereas the Ehps system needs only 1 Hp of electrical power to operate.


TRW Gen II. pump, in this instance comes from Opel Astra G 2004., needs custom bracket, custom fittings.
Overal weight increase just +0.7 kg, compared to OEM pump assembly.

ITR service manual 1157 ALT wht/blu  + IG1 blk/yel
C127(14-GRY) near the clutch reservoir

Aternator max AMP 85A
(ITR)               (EHPS pump)  
GND              -> thick black-braun-pink
BAT +12V         -> thick Red (+  80Amp fuse)
WHT/BLU pin 2    -> thin white blue
BLK/YEL pin 1    -> thin black

Thin black is ignition live
Thin blue/white goes to the alternator check light so the steering only works when the battery is being charged,(engine running)
Thick red goes to the battery via a 80amp fuse
Thick black is earth (diagrams list it as brown)


Final Assembly

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