Saturday, November 9, 2013

Car restoration Part 10 (Windshield and headlights) in Juny 2012

As did the front bumper paint deteriorate under a lot of stone impacts so did the windshield.
First I tried various DIY kits for windshield repair. Well I could repair some cracks, but they were still visible. Because they were not repaired immediately after the impact occurred the dust penetrated into the cracks and made the repair impossible. Besides a few tiny cracks there was a lot of very small stone chips that were visible under certain lighting conditions, making the visibility worse. The only real option was the complete windshield replacement.
Being on budget the genuine Honda windshield was far from reaching. But I could get a hold of windshield from Pilkington for 1/3 of the OEM price, 130 Eur. Built with a reasonable quality, the weight difference is minuscule. The OEM Asahi brand windshield is 11.0 kg and the Pilkington is 12.2 kg.

New windshield from Pilkington.
The windshield exchange was performed by a specialized company in my town. Of course I did study the procedure in Honda manual. Using this information I was able to give some good advice, like the correct position of color coded brackets that look the same at first sight but they are not. Thankfully they listened to me and put it in a correct position.

Old windshield removed.
New windshield installed.
Waiting for the glue to cure.
After many years the headlights were in the same condition as the windshield. Fortunately the exchange was not necessary. I could successfully restore the surface using the water sandpapers (grit 500-1000-1500-2500) and a special headlight polish called meguiars PlastX. It took a day but the results were good.

Headlight before restoration.
Headlight after restoration.
And finally to complement the clear turn lights in the front I have purchased a set of clear OEM JDM side markers. I think they look better than the stock orange side markers.

OEM JDM clear side markers.
Clear side markers installed.

The last touch was the new Honda Type R badge in the front.

New honda badge.
The new badge installed.


  1. hello friend,
    were did you find the original itr badges?

    1. Hi,
      I ordered the front badge directly in Honda dealership.
      Front badge number: 75700-ST7-E00
      Rear badge number: 75701-ST7-Z00
      You can find all parts number on this website:
      Or you can buy copy products from Ebay, they look similar but the quality is not as good as genuine badges, though they cost less.

  2. Hi, first of all, nice blog ;) I really enjoy reading it.

    Did the side markers come complete? or are there multiple part code?

    tks in advance..

    1. Hi there,
      the side markers are sold separately, for left and right side.
      33802-S3N-J01 Right
      33852-S3N-J01 Left
      34304-SH3-A01 Bulb - Left/Right bulb is same