Friday, October 25, 2013

Audio system upgrade in July 2010

Hello folks,
this is one of my first projects that I have done since I bought the Integra in april 2010. I have upgraded the whole audio system in summer 2010 as seen in following pictures.

It sounds much better than the OEM speakers and still keeps the OEM look hidden behind the grill. The speakers were chosen on budget basis, nothing fancy, just a good average performance. Anyway, in the Type R the best audio note should always come from the engine compartment, shouldn't it? :-)

The front speakers and tweeters are from company Sinus Live, the are 16,5cm in diameter.

The rear speaker are bigger oval shaped speakers approx. 14x17cm, they come from Ground Zero. They produce sufficient bass thanks to the custom cardboard baffles, therefore a subwoofer is absolutely not needed, at least not for my liking. 

And at last, but not least, the audio wires have been also upgraded to 16 gauge diameter. The wire routing has been done the same way as written on (

The head unit comes from KIA Sportage. It has an asymmetrical output 2x40W + 2x60W. It fits perfectly, sounds and looks great!

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